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Devil Hunter: Eternal War SEA is an MMORPG mobile game with an oriental style. It has pretty good 3D isometric graphics and soothing oriental background music. Gameplay in this game is auto path MMORPG especially at the beginning of the game.

Devil Hunter Eternal War - Rapid Growth

Introduction to the Devil Hunter Game: Eternal War SEA

The roar of Giant Gorilla echoes in heaven and earth, declaring the end of the legend of Giant Roc.
The war between Giant Gorilla and Giant Roc was just … a nightmare. With the end of this ancient war, the two hegemon disappeared from public memory, and the Three Realms began a new chapter.
Today, the world is mixed with bad and good; immortal and evil. What does the future hold for the Three Realms now? Maybe it's up to you!

Game Features

Autoplay: Autoplay can help you make daily requests, kill monsters, and loot bosses! All you have to do is find a way to manage this messy world.

Mounts and Pets: Hundreds of cool Mounts and Pets never leave you or forget you. Their loyalty helps you dominate the whole world. Flying dragons, rhinos, giant scorpions, pegasi, dinosaurs, and even high-tech motorbikes … you can find almost anything you can think of, and they can meet all your needs.

Devil Hunter Eternal War - Exquisite 3D Quality

World Boss: Battle against a powerful World Boss with players all over the world. At this time, your kindness to others is cruelty to yourself. Kill other players to loot Boss's treasure; a variety of clothing and ultimate materials await!

Cross-server PVP: Plan well and fight together with your guild members, or even old enemies on the cross-server battlefield to occupy limited resource tiles and respect the guilds you represent!

Devil Hunter Eternal War - Freedom in PVP Modes

The Perfect Immortal Partner: While fighting alone in the eternal and evil world, sometimes you feel lonely. Why not go looking for your perfect partner, and achieve eternity together? In this way, you can get results twice with half the effort. At the same time, you can also join hands and enjoy the amazing view of the Three Realms.

Devil Hunter Eternal War - Rich Role Development System

Various Gameplay: Unexpected Fortune, Sincere Words, Guild Contest, The Peaks of Mount Kunlun … Different types of gameplay await you every day! On the way to eternity, you will never be bored!

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